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As international shipping companies, Gulf Cargo has extensive experience and skills in transporting belongings and other items -securely and safely- to hundreds of locations across Asia. our service spans many countries and continents focussing on Asia and India. We use air freight, road freight and road freight to deliver to thousands of destinations. All of your excess baggage needs will be handled efficiently and quickly – from collection and freighting to clearance through customs and delivery.

Excess Baggage Shipping Jordan, Iraq, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE,  Saudi Arabia, Oman, Pakistan, India and other Destinations in Africa, Asia, USA.


With Gulf Express you can send your excess baggage by air, road or sea and we will ensure that your packages arrive in the desired time period. We will advise you as to what would be the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to ship your goods whether it be to use Sea freight, air freight or road freight. Road freight and Sea freight charges are determined by volume (the amount of space your baggage takes up) whereas air freight prices are based on weight and size, or whichever is greater.

Our excess baggage service will take care of all of the handling for you – from the moment that you give us your baggage until it arrives at the destination. Our rates include customs clearance, local delivery and terminal fees. We specialise in shipping to South Africa, Dubai and India and also provide services to India and Kuwait amongst other countries across Asia and the Middle East. Where applicable, customs inspection charges, quarantine clearance, taxes and customs duties are not included in our rates.

Door to Airport Excess Baggage Service and door to door parcels


We provide a full door to port service for baggage shipping, which allows you to pick up your delivery when it arrives at its destination. As the sender you will have to collect the baggage yourself and clear it through the customs checks and settle any other terminal charges, local taxes and wharfage fees.

We do not have any control over foreign customs services, local authorities or agents who provide or exercise their rights to search your baggage. We also have no control over duties, taxes or quarantine fees. For details about customs in other countries check before you apply for out excess baggage service.


Gulf Freight specialises for excess baggage and forwards millions of baggage's to over 800 destinations worldwide. one of the major shippers for Household Effects and excess baggage, collection nationwide.>>more



Offers import and export customs clearance at ports and airports. We can provide fast customs clearance and delivery. Our dedicated team and close links with the airlines and Customs can offer Customs Bond warehouse facilities, Customs Transit Shed.



Gulf delivery service is fast, express, same day and next day nationwide after customs clearance and daily collections for export shipments. Please contact for more details.


Consolidation service,  Airport to Airport worldwide, Airport to door service most worldwide destinations, Secure handling and storage, Packing and collection service, Express documents and parcels, Customs clearance at ports & airports, Gulf International Network, same day or next day collections, Online web tracking, Full and part load containers.


Gulf cargo London experienced staff can offer you a wealth of information and advice, helping you to select the right shipping option for your business needs wherever you need to send your documents or parcels. We can also organise and ready your items for shipping, whether this involves the loading of containers or any other bespoke packing requiremen

Gulf Express offers rates for airport to airport, door to airport or even door to door worldwide. Gulf offers collection service worldwide from door to door.

Air Cargo to:- Europe 2-3 Days Middle East 2-3 Days USA 2.3 Days Asia & Africa 2-3-5 Days to all major airports. The consignee must please arrange local Customs clearance at destination or take advantage of our worldwide network.

You can check if your shipment has arrived and other tracking information 24 hrs a day. When tracking by consignment please enter the tracking number as shown on your consignment note or booking order number, if booked Online.

Gulf Express offers the following services

Express Worldwide

Gulf offers small parcels and document delivery service Worldwide, Air Cargo, Commercial, Consolidation, Excess Baggage, Household and Personal Effects Worldwide.

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